Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I'm Reading - With Christ in the School of Prayer

I was at the used book sale at the Home School Building a month or so ago when I stumbled across the book "With Christ in the School of Prayer" by Andrew Murray. I'd heard of the author before, and so I gave the book a second glance.

Skimming through the first chapter, I noted that the book was certainly "readable." Sometimes a book sounds good, but when I get it home and crack it open, I find that the language just doesn't resonate with me. It's a struggle to comprehend just because of the way the author writes. Not so with this book.

The problem was that the book was $3. That's quite a bit to shell out for a used book, but it was in excellent condition. It doesn't even look like anyone's read it. So, I handed the lady my money and tucked the book into my big bag with all my other "treasures."

Fast forward a month...

That was the best $3 I've spent in a long time, and I'm not half-way through the book!

Why do I like this book so much?
For one thing, the chapters are very short. Usually about 5-6 pages. And the author states that he really doesn't want you to read more than one chapter in a sitting. He wants you to take the time to apply what you have learned. Obviously, some chapters need less application than others, depending on where an individual is in their walk with Jesus. But I can sit down with this book, and in just a few minutes have some great "meat" to chew on throughout the day.

For another thing, every chapter that I've read so far has been eye-opening. Even chapters that I thought, "Oh, I already know about this." have taught me things that I didn't know. I like that in a book.

For example, in the chapter about God being our Father, I thought I wouldn't learn anything new, but the following sentence opened my eyes to what the disciples must have felt when Jesus taught them to pray, "Our Father,..." Here's the sentence: "To appreciate this word of adoration aright, I must remember that none of the saints had in Scripture ever ventured to address God as their Father. The invoation places us at once in the centre of the wonderful revelation the Son came to make of His Father as our Father too."

So, yes, this book has been worth the $3 I paid for it. And in fact, if something happened to my copy, it'd probably be one of the books I'd replace at full cost! (And that says a lot!) So, if you get a chance to read it, take the opportunity to do so. It will open your eyes for sure, and the Spirit may even use it to change your life!

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