Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recipe - Sun Tea

Ah... I look out on my back porch and see a glass gallon jug of tea brewing in the sun! I make a gallon of tea almost every day in the summer. We drink a lot of it.

I found the gallon jug that we use at a thrift shop for a dollar. I like it because it doesn't have a spigot on it. I find that those are hard to keep clean. I've also heard that a glass gallon pickle jar could be used, but I wondered about getting the pickle smell in the tea. Ugh! So, I was pleased to find my jug. I didn't need to worry about pickle tea!

I fill my jug with water. As it's filling, I put in six regular tea bags and one "flavored" tea bag. I like to try different teas, and some of them aren't the greatest as hot teas. But they work fine lightly flavoring a gallon of sun tea. So, it's a good way to use them up!

Then I just sit the gallon on the back porch. Before I go to bed, I'll bring it inside, put the tea bags in the compost bin, dump the tea into our plastic gallon jug that's good for pouring, and add about a half cup of sugar. That makes it just slightly sweet. Into the refrigerator it goes, and by morning it's nice and cool.


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