Friday, April 16, 2010

EFA - Bike Ride!!!

The weather warmed up nicely this week and on the right days so that Wayne was home on a nice day! That's always a bonus. After spending the morning getting some chores done around the house, we loaded up all the bikes and headed for the Musketawa Trail. This trail is a 12' wide paved trail that was built on an old railroad bed. So, it's nice and level for bike riding, and it's a lot easier riding than riding with kids on the roads. That always makes me nervous!

We rode a total of eight miles, and we tried to find a geocache along the way, but it was missing. Bummer! Guess we'll just have to go back. ~grin~ The other bummer thing was that I discovered my odometer wasn't calibrated just right. It was saying I had riden a mile when, in fact, I had only riden seven-tenths of a mile! That's not good. So, when we got home, Wayne recalibrated it for me, and now it's pretty much right on. The bummer thing is that in recalibrating it, I lost all the miles I had already put on it this year. It wasn't a lot of miles, but my goal is to ride 500 miles this summer, and every little bit helps!

While riding we spotted a half dozen turtles sunning themselves on logs, a robin's nest with four eggs in it, and various birds, and lots of woodchuck holes.

I'm grateful for a family that enjoys the simple things in life, like a bike ride on a beautiful afternoon after a full morning of work.

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