Monday, March 29, 2010

In Our Home ~ March 27, 2010

Let's see, what went on in our home last week?

1- I finished another lesson for our Wednesday night kids' club at church. I only have one more to write, and then this year's lessons are done. Good thing, since the year ends next month! Then I get to start on next year's lessons. I'm looking forward to finishing this year, and I'm looking forward to starting next year's lessons. What a blessing it is to be able to do that!

2- I visited the health department with Kristie (my friend who is going to Kenya with me). So, we're up-to-date on almost all our vaccines. I got Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid. The Typhoid is a oral vaccine, and it makes me a bit nauseous. So, I'll be glad when that's done! I need to get a Polio booster from my doctor as well as a perscription for Malaria. Then I'll be all set with that!

3- Wayne got the chicken coop primed. And he painted all the trim. Now just to paint the main part and shingle it. I'm amazed at how much water those little babes drink. Wow! I think we'll splurge this week and get a "real" waterer for them.

4- When I stopped by my favorite grocery store this week, they had a sign declaring that March 31 would be their last day open because they are remodeling. I hope they are truly remodeling and that they will indeed reopen. I'd hate for them to go out of business. ~sigh~ That definitely wouldn't be good for the grocery budget.

5- Carl had an activity with the teens from camp. They spent Friday night playing games and doing skits. He had a great time... as usual.

6- While he was there, I connected with one of my geocaching buddies. Kathy and I had fun geocaching in Greenville. I didn't realize Greenville is home to so many cute little lakes. We had a great time, even though we ate too much at Ponderosa!

7- Saturday afternoon we helped a friend at the Bible Club Fun Day. I ran a booth for the kids. Very fun.

8- Wayne and Carl went to a Griffin hockey game. They had a good time, in spite of the fact that the Griffins lost.

9- Justin's comments never cease to make me chuckle. While the big boys were at the hockey game, we went to visit with the wives and younger kids. When Justin realized he'd be the oldest boy there (The only other boy is about three.), he said, "Mom, don't you know that boys go through three stages? They like girls. They don't like girls. And they like girls. I'm in the middle stage. I don't like girls." What a hoot!

10- We were also discussing some other people we were going to stop and see, and Justin said, "The last time we saw them they were in a motor home." I couldn't figure out what he meant. Then he said, "Oh, wait. That's someone else. The last time we saw the DeKornes they were in the motor home." Then it hit me. Motor home... nursing home... they must sound alike to a little kid! ~smile~

11- The tooth fairy also paid a visit to our home this week. Justin lost his first tooth. ~sniff, sniff~ My baby's growing up. She brought him a gold-colored dollar coin. He loves his new treasure.

Hope your week is filled with the anticipation of celebrating the joy of our risen Lord!

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