Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ahhh...  Sewing class has started again!  I have missed the challenge of trying to sew a straight line.  And, oh, how one would think that curved lines would be a breeze.  Not sew!  ~grin~

Since Alicia was still suffering from pink eye yesterday, Justin joined me for sewing class.  That was okay because the project for the day was a bit more suited to him.  We made snowballs!  (This was especially fitting since we have had very little snow this year.)

Our instructor had cut out circles of cheesecloth-- two layers thick.  They were about 6-7 inches in diameter.  We learned a new basting stitch that we did around the edge.  This new stitch made it a breeze to gather the edges all together. 

At that point, Justin had a ball filling each "bag" with flour.  Once it was full, we wound the remaining string around the opening until it was all wrapped up. 

Wa-laa...  springtime snowballs!

Imagine Wayne's surprise when he got home from work and got pelted with "snowballs!" 

Fun project.  Fun day.  And a new stitch learned.  What could be finer?!?

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