Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Ground-Hog Day Present!

Last October we went on vacation and our van decided it was having so much fun it didn't want to come home.  (Blown head gasket)  Since then we have been getting by with one vehicle.  But because of my husband's odd work schedule, this meant saying no to a number of things.

We've been looking for a vehicle, but we hadn't seen the right one.

Imagine my surprise when my husband came home from work with a new-to-us van!  Then we went out for dinner.  What a lovely evening!

I'll post a pic in the morning.  I haven't seen it in the daylight either!  But I am thankful for one of the best Ground Hog Day gifts ever!  ~smile~

This is the view from my front door this morning!  :)


  1. Nice looking van! I bet it feels good to have 2 vehicles again. So do you get to drive it much or is Carl jumping in the drivers seat all the time now?

    1. LOL! Carl needs a few more hours under his belt before he's driving the van. :)