Friday, September 3, 2010

GVSU Football!

Two days ago I got a phone call. The caller ID proclaimed the caller to be our local hardware store-- True Value. When they call it usually means that something Wayne has ordered is ready to be picked up. Imagine my surprise when they told me I had won four tickets to the "Best Seats in the House!"

Not sure exactly what I had signed up to win, I went to the website to find out a bit more. It proclaimed, "If the weather is hot, don't worry. We'll turn on the air. If the weather is cold, don't worry, we'll turn on the heat." Hmmm... I've sat through my share of football games, and air conditioning and heat weren't a part of them. Their website also talked about food. This was sounding better all the time!

So, we called some friends of ours and eagerly looked forward to our double date!

Last night was Grand Valley State University's first football game of the season. So, things weren't quite as polished as I'm sure they will be later in the season. The ticket takers directed us to the wrong area twice, but we eventually found where we were supposed to be-- directly behind the endzone, right on the ground!

True Value has a patio there and a gazebo that is indeed temperature controlled. When we got there they were grilling burgers, brats, and hot dogs. Add some chips and beverages and it was pretty good. It wasn't until later that they put a small cookie sheet on the grill and grilled cookies for us. I have never in my life had hot gooey cookies fresh off the grill, let alone while watching a football game! They were delicious!

The game was a good one. GVSU scored right away, but the ended up behind at half-time. They ended up winning, but it was close: 34-31. West Texas A&M gave them a run for their money!

We also had sideline passes. These permitted us to wander around on the track, just behind the players. Watching the game from that vantage point was definitely an experience! At one point one of the local sports reporters (FOX) asked us who had scored a touchdown. It was strange to be rubbing elbows with them.

Because the band was in the bleachers next to us, we got to enjoy their music and their antics. Being a former band geek, I enjoyed watching them almost as much as I did watching the football game!

The weather was perfect-- cool and breezy. Typical autumn weather in Michigan. We got back to the van just after midnight. Eight minutes later a big storm rolled through. What a perfect way to end a great night!

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