Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Our Home ~ March 13, 2010

This has been a fairly tame week. We're still without a van, and since Wayne worked every day this past week, we've been pretty much home-bound. But here's a run-down of what we did.

1~ The week was very overcast, and so the sap stopped running in our maple trees. We boiled down all that we've collected, and we have about two quarts. It's delicious.

2~ The kids worked hard on their lessons this week. Alicia and Justin finished their science for this schoolyear, and all three kids are done with history. The more subjects they finish, the more time they have to work on other subjects. I'm looking forward to the snowball effect!

3~ We had dinner with some good friends on Thursday night. They had invited someone over from church who tends to be a bit more "quiet." So, adding our family to the mix made for easier conversation. It's always a wonderful thing to spend time with other believers, and the delicious food is an added bonus!

4~ Our garage floods every spring when the ground thaws. And every winter it becomes strewn with stuff. (Our garage is under the house and opens to the backyard, so we never part there. We use it for storage, and we keep a stack of wood for our woodburner in it.) We spent part of one day cleaning it all out in anticipation of a wet floor. So, we're ready for the thaw!

5~ Justin, Alicia and I picked up all the piles of dog poop that were in the yard. That's always a big project in the spring because it accumulates all winter long. I am so glad for my helpers. Because of them another big job is crossed off the to-do list.

6~ Justin has finally grasped the fact that he can read. We've had a fun time the past few days "texting" each other on his magna-doodle. All those tears earlier in the year were worth it!

7~ Alicia is also finally grasping the concept that she isn't as dumb as she thought when it comes to math. She actually asked to do more math today because she likes it. Just a few weeks ago it was all tears and emotion. Thank you, Jesus for this change in attitude!

8~ Because I don't feel like grocery shopping when Wayne gets home from work (due to the one-vehicle situation), we've been using up some of the odd things in our pantry/freezer. It's good to have a bit of elbow room in there.

9~ I've been saving old pairs of jeans to make a quilt for our bed. I noticed that I have quite a pile of them, so I've been cutting them up. First I cut all the good material off them. I have a big tote full of good material, so I guess it's time to start cutting out some squares! Maybe I'll have it done in time for a Christmas present for Wayne. (Planning ahead never hurt anyone, right?!?)

10~ Now that the weather is warmer outside, it's also warmer in our basement where my "office" is located. When winter comes, my computer moves upstairs because it can get down to 47 degrees in our room. Brrrrr! But now that it's warmer down there, I took some time to clean up the mess that accumulates on my desk over the course of a winter. (It's akin to the mess we cleaned up in the garage now that it's warmer out there!) My desk is now so much more inviting to sit at.

11~ I've been enjoying the book "Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret." It's a great read. Very insightful, and very challenging.

12~ That's it for this week "in our home." Hope your coming week is a great one!

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