Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What is Discipline?

I've been reading through a book (Embraced by the Cross by LE Maxwell) with some good friends, and this poem is in it.  It's written by Amy Carmichael, and I thought it was quite fitting for believers today. 

When I refuse the easy thing for love of my dear Lord,
And when I choose the harder thing for love of my dear Lord,
And do not make a fuss or speak a single grumbling word,
That is discipline.

When everything seems going wrong and yet I will not grouse,
When it is hot, and I am tired and yet I will not grouse,
But sing a song and do my work in school and in the house,
That is discipline.

When Satan whispers, "Scamp your work," to say to him, "I won't,"
When Satan whispers, "Slack a bit," to say to him, "I won't,"
To rule myself and now to wait for others' do and don't,
That is discipline.

To trample on that curious thing inside me that says, "I,"
To think of others always, never, never of that "I,"
To learn to live according to my Saviour's word, "Deny,"
That is discipline.

May our lives be more characterized by discipline than by selfish living!

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