Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recipe - Pizza on the Grill or over the Fire

This isn't going to be a recipe as much as it's going to be a how-to for making pizza on the grill.

Making pizza on the grill is much easier with two people. One person does the actual grilling while the other person does the food prep and decorating.

Make a batch of your favorite pizza dough. I've tried rolling it out inside and bringing it outside already rolled up, but that's a lesson in futility. The dough will rise and it will all stick together. It's a mess. So, just bring your big batch of dough out by the grill or the firepit, whichever you're using, and roll it out as you need it.

Bring the pizza sauce and the toppings to your grilling area. (We usually set up a card table to help with all this.) You'll also want plates or a big platter to work on.

Once the fire/coals are nice and hot, roll out a chunk of the dough. I just rip off a handful and roll it out on the platter. I make personal pizzas. I think that keeps them easier to flip.

Put the rolled out dough on the grate of the grill. Don't worry. It won't ooze through the cracks!

Using tongs or a turner, peek at the bottom. When it starts turning light brown, flip it.

When both sides are lightly browned, put it on a plate, add the sauce, toppings, and cheese, and return it to the grill. If you're using a grill you can close the cover to help the cheese melt a bit faster. Otherwise, if you're cooking with a fire, you'll have to be a bit more patient. Once the cheese starts melting, enjoy!

Note: This isn't one of those meals that everyone will eat together at the same time. I think at most we did four pizzas on the grill/fire at once. It's more of a laid back, enjoy the conversation, and eat when the opportunity presents itself kind of meal! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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