Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful for a Quinzee!

Yes, I'm thankful for a quinzee! You see, as a homeschool mom, I hope that all of our odd projects will turn out to be winners, but honestly, life doesn't quite work like that.

Take our hot dog/sun block experiment for example. It sounded great. Get two hot dogs. Put sunblock on one of them. Put both hot dogs in the sun. See what happens. What happened, you ask? Well, we forgot about them, and the next day our dog ate both of them.

Now, what's a mom supposed to do?

Poison Control Center: Hello. This is the poison control center. What is the nature of your call?

Mom: Please promise me that you won't submit this to Reader's Digest's funny column.

PCC: Oh, I can tell this is going to be good. What happened?

Mom: Well, my dog ingested some sunblock.

PCC: How big is the dog and how much sunblock did he ingest?

Mom: He's about 60 pounds, and he ingested all the sunblock that was on the hot dog.

PCC: Ma'am, how much sunblock do you normally put on your hot dog?

Mom: Oh, a little bit more than ketchup because we rubbed it all in.

PCC (After I explained our little experiment): Well, ma'am. I don't think the sunblock will hurt him as much as eating a hot dog that's been sitting out for over 24 hours.

Ah yes, the failed hot dog experiment...

But the quinzee. Now that is a success! We started it a week ago today. First we made a huge pile of snow. The kids thought I was crazy. (So, what's new?!?) They hated doing all that hard work. When we finished our pile was about 5' high. But before we had a chance to dig it out, the weather warmed up to the mid to upper 30s. So, we put the digging on hold until it got colder. Finally, two days ago the temperature dropped, and we put another layer of snow on it to get it back up to about 6' tall. Again, the kids questioned my sanity ... Until we started digging. And digging. And digging!

The kids spent quite a bit of time playing in it today. They love being out in it. I spent some time in it yesterday with Carl. It's big enough for all three kids to fit in with our dog, Scout. I haven't had all three kids in with me yet, but it's probably big enough for that.

And so, yes, I am thankful for a quinzee. I think it proved to my kids that I'm not totally off my rocker. I know after that bad hot dog experiment, they were definitely beginning to wonder!

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